Vlad wins Gold at the Sub Only North Kansas City Jiu Jitsu tournament

Jiu jitsu in north kansas city Vlad wins Gold

Vlad Shove wins Gold at the

Kansas City Jiu Jitsu tournament.

 Vlad wins Gold at the Submission Challenge Jiu Jitsu in North Kansas City MO

This was Vlad’s 3rd Tournament at the Intermediate division with the same results…Gold!  Vlad has been putting in serious work at the Lone Wolf MMA gym in North Kansas City, MO, which has paid off lately.  Vlad has not only been training for this tournament, but he has to also fight MMA in North Kansas City exactly a week after the tournament.

Vlad’s first match was quick, with Vlad locking a triangle right off the bat and finishing it soundly.  The next fight pitted him up against another Lone Wolf MMA competitor, and after a back and fourth battle of Rubber guard and lockdown battles, Vlad secured the mount and got the Guillotine chock for the victory, and the Gold medal.

Here is Vlad’s first Match win by Triangle Choke!

Vlad last match via Guillotine choke to win first place!


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